Our trust motive is to make people giving back to society a little easier with our social venture

How many times have we thrown away something that was fully functional, just because it was a little old for our taste or because it was of no use to us anymore? The answer is probably ‘several times’. From toys to old gadgets to stationary, we have given them away at throwaway prices at junkyard shops or left them unused to gather dust in some corner of the house. While we knew that some of those things could have helped somebody in need, we didn’t know how to reach them. Filling in the gap, with our venture The Second Life Trust, aims to address this gap. Second Life, a non-profit social venture, provides cause related marketing solutions to companies, supports Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) related activities, and provides online e-commerce based donation services to individuals and corporate donors.

Explaining how Second Life makes it easy to make non-monetary donations to non-profits,
the volunteer team says, “Users have to just visit the www.secondlife.org.in website and select their favorite products,
add to the charity cart and pay online for those products. with information on the requirements of the non-profits that are the Second Life's partners.

Once the Volunteers find a match, they can schedule a pickup pf those products from wholesalers. where volunteers take care of delivering the donation items to the right non-profit or direct needy/unprivileged / exploited people.

And each time donors donate, they become a permanent volunteer to this organization. they get all notifications of the events performed over the period and motivational credits from a socially inclined brand as a gesture of gratitude.

On one hand, this motivates donors, and on the other, it enables a person to build, strengthen and connect with their dreams.